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Financial Accounting Tutor

Key Strengths

1. Comprehensive coverage

Our interactive e-text, the Financial Accounting Tutor (FAcT), covers all topics in a rigorous financial reporting course and provides more than 100 hours of e-learning.Click here to see a list of chapters. The corporate version of the software also has an extensive set of practice problems for each chapter. In spite of its comprehensive coverage, it is affordable because we use technology effectively and efficiently.

2. Carefully designed simple examples

FAcT helps you learn accounting even if you have no accounting background, or as a review before a financial statement analysis course in an undergraduate, MBA, CFA, or a corporate training program. Explains every concept with simple examples so you learn faster and more thoroughly freeing up class time for discussions. Click here for information for instructors considering the software.

3. Emphasizes concepts as well as procedures

The Financial Accounting Tutor is a self-paced interactive tutorial software that teaches the logic underlying financial accounting concepts from an economics and finance perspective and accounting procedures from an information-systems perspective.

4. Interactive

Engaging interactive and graphical tools make learning fun! Discussions and examples are intertwined with brief, interactive problems that provide immediate feedback. A drag-and-drop format of journal entry significantly speeds learning by highlighting the link between journal entries and balance sheets. Click here to download a free trial version.

5. Incorporates feedback from thousands of users

Thousands of users in industry as well as schools have enjoyed FAcT making it the most successful e-learning product for financial accounting so far.