enhancing expertise
Enhancing Expertise

What we offer

We help you grow your expertise in accounting, analysis, modeling, valuation, credit risk, or financial instruments. We offer consulting, training, e-learning, and an online assessment system.

How are we different

We have deep and varied expertise in consulting and training in accounting and finance. We also have in-house expertise in the use of technology in training. Our consulting and training solutions have in-depth coverage, a multidisciplinary perspective, an emphasis on applications, an engaging and interactive presentation, and a streamlined set of materials that explain the logic clearly and illustrate it with real examples.

Our name is an acronym of our following core strengths.

ALMARIS: Applied, Logical, Multidisciplinary, Accessible, Rigorous, Interactive, Streamlined

We are expert consultants, dedicated teachers, avid users of technology, and software developers. Our deep and varied experience benefits training participants in many ways highlighted below.


We build upon our extensive consulting expertise to design training content that is immediately applicable and relevant to business needs. Our training materials illustrate application of concepts to real world cases. Participants leave with skills that they can directly use to enhance their expertise and productivity.


We make sure that participants understand the "why" rather than just memorize the "what and how." Understanding the logic improves retention and enables participants to apply the concepts learned to situations that were not discussed during training. Many of our instructors have Ph.D.s and their rigorous knowledge of theory allows them to explain the logic of accounting standards, analytical metrics, and valuation approaches.


Our instructors each have more than twenty five years of deep and varied experience. We explain every topic from all necessary business, accounting, finance, and modeling perspectives. This allows participants to develop an integrated knowledge framework that enables them to develop a comprehensive solution to their projects. A multidisciplinary approach also allows the participants to be communicate effectively within an organization with various teams.


Our materials always explain concepts via actual numerical examples so that the materials is accessible to participants. The examples rely on good instructional design principles to ensure that they are as simple as possible yet detailed enough to explain the higher level concepts.


Our content is rigorous. Although we do explain what practical shortcuts are necessary in the real world, we make sure that participants understand the core concepts fully so that they can come up with correct solution when the shortcuts are not appropriate. Wherever possible, we require extensive prework and homework to ensure that participants are ready to absorb the material and they get extensive feedback as to their skill level. Our training is backed by an extensive assessment system.


Our live training sessions are highly interactive depending upon the size of the audience as well as the length and purpose of the training. The interactivity engages participants and provides both the instructor and the participants feedback regarding the extent to which the participants have learned the material. Our e-learning and assessment system is highly interactive as well.


We have used our training in cognitive psychology and machine learning to design materials that gradually build the level of sophistication. We start with simple examples to illustrate the concepts and then challenge the participants with situations of increasing complexity. We focus on concepts with real world applications so that participants' time is utilized efficiently.