Dan Gode, Co-Founder
Dan Gode Email: dan.gode@almaris.com
Phone: +1-212-475-4537
Web: almaris.com/dangode/


Multidisciplinary Skills

Dan is the founder of Almaris Consulting and Training. He brings in 25 years of extensive experience in consulting and training in accounting, financial statement analysis, business drivers, modeling. valuation, and credit risk analysis. He has worked with over numerous corporations, investment banks, accounting firms, research boutiques, and more than 250 hedge funds as a consultant on a range of topics from valuation to credit risk analysis. He has taught at leading business schools and has won several teaching awards.

Expertise in consulting and training


For investors, bankers, and finance professionals

  • Financial statements: An Investor's Perspective
  • Understanding and preparing cash flow statements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Deferred taxes
  • Leases
  • Share-based compensation; Pensions; Introduction to accounting for derivatives; Foreign operations; Securities and investments, Securitizations [CMO, CDO, CLO, CBO, and ABS]; Convertible securities and earnings per share; Asset impairments; Asset retirement obligations; Accounting changes and error corrections

For accountants and auditors

  • Accounting for income taxes (ASC 740)
  • Cash flow statement (ASC 230)
  • Accounting for share-based compensation (ASC 718)
  • Accounting for business combinations (ASC 805)
  • Accounting for foreign operations (ASC 830)
  • Accounting for leases (ASC 842)
  • Revenue recognition (ASC 606)
  • Accounting for asset retirement obligations (ASC 410)

Analysis and business drivers

  • Identifying and analyzing key value drivers of businesses
  • Analyzing an income statement to understand drivers of size, growth, and margins
  • Analyzing a balance sheet to understand the drivers of net asset intensity and funding needs
  • Analyzing cash flows
  • Analyzing drivers of discount rates
  • Analyzing drivers of return on investment (ROI)
  • Detailed analysis of MD&A and notes to the financial statements


  • Optimizing Accounting and Finance Tasks with Advanced Excel
  • Modeling for external valuation and credit risk analysis
  • Modeling for internal financial planning and analysis

Forensic Accounting and Analysis

  • Uncovering manipulation of income statement, balance sheeet, and cash flows
  • Uncovering misleading representation of performance via non-GAAP numbers


  • Relative valuation: Drivers of valuation multiples
  • Intrinsic valuation: Levered (DDM) and unlevered (DCF) models
  • Cost of capital computations


  • Analysis of financing needs and credit risks
  • Lending rationale and ways out analysis
  • Projections and scenario analysis
  • Projections and scenario analysis
  • Debt sizing or borrowing capacity
  • Debt structuring
  • Debt instruments, institutions, and markets



  • Stern School, New York University, NY [http://www.dangode.com]: 1998-present
  • Simon School, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY : 1993-1998


New York, NY 2001-

  • Founder, Almaris Consulting and Training. List of clients is included below.
  • Financial reporting: Boeing, Brinks, Campbell Soup,  CenturyLink, Commonwealth Telephone, CostCo, Emulex, GE, Genpact,  Greystar, KPMG Executive Education, Kaman, Marriott, Mosaic, Navistar, NFL Players Association, PepsiCo, Pattern Energy, PPL Corporation, QLogic, Sempra, Southside Bank, Texaco, Tata Group, Thomas and Betts, Yext
  • Investment Banking: Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Friedman Billings and Ramsey, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG Transaction Services, Rothschild, Jeffries, Cowen
  • Funds and Private Equity: Bain Capital, Sankaty Advisors, Wafra, Waha Capital
  • Equity and Credit Research (buy side and sell side): Bank of America, CIBC Worldmarkets, Cowen, Credit Suisse,  Farley Capital, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, S&P, UBS, several hedge funds
  • Sales and Trading: Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, UBS
  • Consulting on accounting, reporting, valuation, and modeling: INC Research, Consult with several unnamed investment groups and clients of the Gerson Lehrman group on interpreting financial reports and tax issues
  • Advanced Excel and Modeling: INC Research, LightHouse, Marriott
  • Corporate and Commercial Banking: Bank of New York, Barclays, Citigroup
  • Insurance: Bankers Life, Chubb, QBE Insurance
  • Back office and middle office: Citigroup
  • Investor relations: Abernathy and McGregor
  • Executive Programs: Columbia Business School, EMBA, NYU Stern EMBA
  • Law firms: WhiteCase
  • World Bank


Stern School, New York, NY

  • 2002, 2004 Winner of the Professor of the Year Award
  • 2017-2013, 2004-2001 Finalist for the Professor of the Year Award
  • 2008 Pedagogical Innovation Award
  • 1998-02 Member of the Dean’s Club 6

Simon School, Rochester, NY

  • 1997 Member of the Dean's List of the Top 5 instructors, Simon School, Rochester, NY
  • 1996 Superior Teaching Award, Simon School, Rochester, NY

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

  • 1991 Richard M. and Margaret S. Cyert Family Fellowship, for the doctoral student who "best demonstrates the capacity for interdisciplinary work of unusual vision, originality, imagination and creativity," Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


Carnegie Mellon University: Ph.D. in Accounting with a minor in Information Systems

Pittsburgh, PA 1994

Carnegie Mellon University: M.S. in Accounting

Pittsburgh, PA 1992

Carnegie Mellon University: M.S. in Information Systems

Pittsburgh, PA 1990

Indian Institute of Management, MBA

Calcutta, India 1988

Indian Institute of Technology, B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Varanasi, India 1986